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Don’t Sign It! – Settlement Release

Judging by the headline, you may be thinking, “What? But I want my money!” I’m here to tell you, the individual or family signing a settlement release, to have an attorney review the settlement release before you sign. The best illustration I can give you is a recent client who contact my firm to pursue an action against a defendant after he signed the settlement release. Typically, you can’t go after a defendant once the release is signed. However, like many insurance companies, this insurance company rushed the client to settlement and did not inform him that he would be responsible to repay his health insurance company back for all the medical bills it paid out. In fact, this put him in a position where he would have to pay close to 3 times the settlement value back to his health insurance company. The defendant’s insurance company provided him with an attractive settlement that put a significant amount of money into his pocket, but didn’t tell him what he would owe to health insurance, so now he pockets nothing. If you are settling without the representation of an attorney, at the very least pay an attorney to review the settlement release and advise you on what you are signing and any possible ramifications from signing the release. If you every have any questions regarding settlement releases, please feel free to contact The Nashville Law Firm at 615-844-4034 or visit us on the web at .


Something on the Happier Side of Personal Injury

Coming off a post where I discussed what angered me, today is something that just makes my job totally worth doing. I have a wonderful client who is a hard-working, single mom with a grown-son with significant mobility and functional disabilities. She was in a terrible car accident a year ago and has been suffering with both her injuries and her inability to take care of her son as she did before the accident. Yesterday, we were able to hand her a large check that will not only help her get continued medical care for herself but also help her get the assistance she needs to take care of her son. It sounds great, but it wasn’t easy. The insurance company did what an insurance company does, take their time in paying and tried to pay as little as they could. But the evidence was overwhelming in my client’s favor and it became clear to the insurance company that they did not want to try this case in court.

If you are having difficulties with dealing with the insurance company and find that they aren’t cooperating, get an attorney! We would be honored to assist you with your claim for damages or injuries. Just contact us at 615-844-4034 or go to our website, The Nashville Law Firm. We are here to help!