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But if you do sign it… Statements

Yesterday, I told you not to sign statements in personal injury accidents. But if you do sign a statement, make sure you read it and get a copy of it BEFORE you leave. I know this sounds like common sense, but it’s not. Most people are so shook up from the accident they forget to leave the accident scene with a copy of either the accident report or their statement. Having a copy ensures that you have the copy that was completed at the time you left the scene. I have seen statements altered after the victim leaves the accident scene and the only way we could prove it was altered was because my client had her own copy. This is short and to-the-point today, so again, don’t sign statements, but if you do GET A COPY! If you have any questions regarding statements or anything else you may have signed or may be asked to sign by an insurance company, The Nashville Law Firm is here to help. You can reach us at 615-844-4034 or on the web at


Don’t Sign It! – Statements

Continuing the series of things not to sign, our next focus is on Statements involving a personal injury case or slip and fall. You may have heard someone tell you not to put something in writing. This is important with letters, emails and even Facebook. Once you write it down, it becomes, many times, written in stone. Statements are included in this list. Immediately after an accident, typically an accident involving a premises type injury, the property owner or store manager will try to get a statement from you. It’s acceptable to inform them how the accident happened and if you are injured, but DO NOT sign anything, including a Statement. This is especially important if you haven’t written the statement yourself or if it is written in pencil. The statement may have been altered without your knowledge and now you’ve placed your signature at the bottom. These statements are never collected for your benefit. They are collected because after every accident the property owner has to act under the assumption that they are going to be sued and must protect themselves and the company. If you have any questions regarding statements or following up on an accident, injury or slip and fall where you may have had an accident, please contact The Nashville Law Firm at 615-844-4034 or find us on the web at . We are always here to provide a Free Consultation with a lawyer.

Don’t Sign It! – Medical Authorizations

For the first topic in a series that we will call “Don’t Sign It!”, we will focus on medical authorizations. You may be asking what is the harm in signing a medical authorization from your insurance company or the defendant’s insurance company after a car accident. The answer is, a lot! You will be giving the insurance company unlimited access to your medical history, many times including treatment for psychological disorders, therapy and counseling, sexual history and all other private and personal information. Much of this is irrelevant to your car accident case and the insurance company may try to use it against you. There are circumstances where it may be necessary to sign these. But if you don’t have an attorney, at least consult with one before signing any medical authorizations. We are here to help, The Nashville Law Firm, contact us at 615-844-4034 or on the web at .

Something on the Happier Side of Personal Injury

Coming off a post where I discussed what angered me, today is something that just makes my job totally worth doing. I have a wonderful client who is a hard-working, single mom with a grown-son with significant mobility and functional disabilities. She was in a terrible car accident a year ago and has been suffering with both her injuries and her inability to take care of her son as she did before the accident. Yesterday, we were able to hand her a large check that will not only help her get continued medical care for herself but also help her get the assistance she needs to take care of her son. It sounds great, but it wasn’t easy. The insurance company did what an insurance company does, take their time in paying and tried to pay as little as they could. But the evidence was overwhelming in my client’s favor and it became clear to the insurance company that they did not want to try this case in court.

If you are having difficulties with dealing with the insurance company and find that they aren’t cooperating, get an attorney! We would be honored to assist you with your claim for damages or injuries. Just contact us at 615-844-4034 or go to our website, The Nashville Law Firm. We are here to help!